Exclusive #

It is possible to print by launching  voice command 

Epson, one of the world's leading printers solution , said that  it is possible to link its printers to the Alexa  marketed by Amazon # and the ability to print with voice commands,

. To use this service just download and install Alexa Skills Store from the Alexa app store or from Amazon.com 

for example 

you could turn on printer via the voice command

"Alexa , open Epson Printer"

printers concerned are the EcoTank -WorkForce -Expression-  series

This service has been provided in response to families with a busy home or work schedule.

The service is still modern as the Alexa program is programmed to interact from the orders that concern shopping, printing calendars, and a lot of cooking recipes and other orders can be found through the site of Epson

This service is available in English with english voice command  and we are not currently able in easyprintdz to  try the possibility of working with other languages such Arabic language voice command